A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Discussion

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Discussion

Post by D.L. Yomegami on 13/7/2016, 8:00 pm

Here we have the organized discussion for a Tale of Destruction and Friendship.

This is also the repository for the useful information of the RP (location descriptions, recap, etc.). I'll update each of these with more information as the RP goes on.

General Information

*Characters start out at Hikaru's Refuge (see description below).
*If a character dies, Hikaru will revive them again back at the Refuge along with any items they initially brought with them (read: the items listed on their signup sheet) and their Gateway Device.


Hikaru's Refuge
Theme Music: Maenam

The pocket dimension Hikaru made her home in upon escaping from the destruction of her home universe. It consists of a field of tall grass surrounding a gentle hill, atop which sits a large, white house with two floors. A garden with a variety of plants surrounds the house, with a number of pathways leading through it. It's always daytime, and usually clear (although there's the occasional rainstorm). The Zero Collapse can be seen as a black speck in the sky.

The house itself has an entry hall, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom on the first floor, with all the associated conveniences (although it's not overly fancy). The upper floor has Hikaru's bedroom, a number of guestrooms, and yet another bathroom.

Notable Non-player Characters

Hikaru: The Big Good. A 16-year old summoner from the universe destroyed by the Omega Device's activation. She's well meaning, but tends to have trouble thinking her plans all the way through.
Her theme: Eternal Shrine Maiden (Piano Arrangement)

Haruka: The Big Bad. A King from the universe destroyed by the Omega Device's activation and the one currently overlooking its operation. His reasoning for triggering the Zero Collapse are currently unknown.


Reality: Every universe imaginable; everything that exists, had existed, and will exist. Is interchangeable with "omniverse."

Universe: An individual part of reality, from small pocket dimensions to full-fledged systems of galaxies and beyond. Is interchangeable with "world."

Local Group: A group of related universes between which travel is possible. Leaving one's local group is generally extremely difficult, but doable with the right technology.

Zero Collapse: The Black Hole at the center of reality, triggered by the Omega Device and threatening to consume everything that exists. It's visible from most universes, although how big it is depends on how close the universe in question is to it. From far away it just looks like a black speck, but closer up it takes the form of a swirling maelstrom. Universes very close to it will start to distort, possibly merging with any nearby universes.
Theme Music: W.D. Gaster's Megalovania

Omega Device: The superweapon that triggered the Zero Collapse. Stopping it is the goal of the RP.

Alpha Devices: A group of artifacts meant to control the Omega Device. They were scattered across reality when the Omega Device was activated; finding them is crucial to stopping the Omega Device.

Gateway Device: The devices that let the PCs get from universe to universe.
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Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Discussion

Post by D.L. Yomegami on 5/1/2017, 9:01 pm



  • The PCs are summoned by Hikaru and find themselves in her refuge.
  • After some initial confusion, Hikaru greets the PCs, invites them to come into her home, and then explains what's going on and why she brought them here.
  • Most of them agree to help her, and Hikaru decides to let them settle in before sending them off to find the first Alpha Device.
  • However, Aurum falls ill and dies from despair. This causes the survivors much grief, but eventually it's decided to just get a move on to prevent something like it from ever happening again.
  • Hikaru provides some last minute provisions and hands the PCs their Gateway Devices, and then they're off.

Chapter 1: The Beauty of Reality
Starting Post: 117
Theme: Aurora

  • The PCs arrive in the Starlit Wilds, take in their new surroundings, and decide on a plan of action.
D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami

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