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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by D.L. Yomegami on 13/7/2016, 7:34 pm

Welcome to A Tale of Destruction and Friendship!

As a refresher, this roleplay is a Magical Girl Crossover Roleplay, in which the characters go around the omniverse visiting all kinds of worlds, from original to canon.

The story here involves the Omega Device, a doomsday weapon that was intended to be used as a last resort. It was sealed away, only able to be freed by the combined power of the Alpha Devices. At least, that is what its creators intended. A man named Haruka somehow managed to unseal the Omega Device without the need for the Alpha Devices. Upon activation, it called forth the Zero Collapse, an interdimensional void that threatens to consume all that exists. In the process, Haruka destroyed his home universe and scattered the Alpha Devices across reality.

The task of collecting them fell upon Hikaru, a young summoner from the destroyed world. She's not strong enough, nor confident enough, to handle the job on her own. So she turns to a desperation tactic: assembling a motley crew of magical girls from all across reality and giving them Gateway Devices that will let them cross the universes in search of the Alpha Devices. On top of having to get used to their new lifes, the crew will have to deal with Haruka and his own minions, who aren't so pleased about their interference.

I'm pretty sure we all know we should be nice to each other and all that, so let's skip that bit. As far as characters go, as long as they qualify as a magical girl (here defined as "young female who can use magic;" whether that's a transforming magical girl warrior, a cute witch, or something else entirely is up to the individual player) and aren't overpowered they're fine. Both OCs and canon characters are fine, and there's no restriction on how many characters one can use apart from how many you can realistically write for at one time (just don't go too hog-wild).

This is more a repository for character sheets more than anything, though discussing the characters should be fine here.

And here's the sheet:
Source (Optional): If this character wasn’t created specifically for this RP, where did they come from?
Name: Self-explanatory.
Age: How long have they been around?
Appearance: Text descriptions of pictures; either or works.
Personality: Who is this character and how can they be expected to act?
Abilities/Skills/Powers: What is this character capable of doing?
Items: What are they carrying with them beyond the clothes on their back, if anything?
Backstory: What was this character’s life like up to this point?
Other: Anything else the GM should know?
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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by D.L. Yomegami on 13/7/2016, 11:24 pm

Since I already know who I'm using, I might as well post my sheet right now.

Source (Optional): Hearts of Light
Name: Sophie Guillory
Age: 15

  • Civilian: Sophie is short-ish, but otherwise normal looking for a girl of her age. She looks to be a mix of French and Korean in ancestry. She has short, straight brown hair and brown eyes. She's normally wearing some combination of a t-shirt, denim skirt, and tennis shoes, as well as a black hairband.
  • Transformed: Sophie's hair and eyes turn dark violet. She wears a light turquoise dress that somewhat resembles a ballerina's tutu, as well as white ball gloves, white, thigh-high stockings, and white high-heeled buckled shoes. She has a yellow ribbon tied into a bow in her hair, and another big yellow ribbon tied around her waist, with a big bow tied behind her. The jewel of her Divinity Spark is sewn onto her chest, about where it would normally be hanging as a pendant.

Personality: For the most part, Sophie is a friendly, optimistic girl. She's very selfless and will often go out of her way to help people, if she thinks she can help them. However, she does not have a lot of self-esteem; if something goes wrong, she'll blame herself even if it was clearly not her fault. She's very much a pacifist and will outright refuse to hurt another person if she can help it. She tends to doubt herself a lot, and is stupidly easy to embarrass.

Sophie has a few abilities that are common to everyone who uses a Divinity Spark.

  • Sophie needs to be conscious to stay transformed; if she's knocked out she'll instantly revert back to normal.
  • She can fly. While she can get around faster this way than by walking, she's not overly fast.
  • She's tougher than normal. In her specific case, she's considerably tougher than normal; she won't break any bones when hit by a truck, won't die instantly if impaled through the gut, etc. However, she's not invincible; she still feels pain and isn't immune to being thrown around, and really powerful attacks are still capable of doing serious damage to her.
  • Sophie can also channel the powers of another magical girl to unleash a significantly stronger attack than either of them could alone.

She also has a few abilities that are unique to her alone.

  • Sophie has convential super strength, although she'll get tired out pretty quickly if she tries to lift/hold back something much larger than she is.
  • Soul Reading: Sophie's capable of reading the minds of sentient beings. She mostly uses this to predict an enemy's movements in combat. This ability will automatically shut itself off should Sophie encounter any psychic whiplash.
  • Regeneration: Sophie can quickly heal off major wounds she takes, up to and including regrowing any limbs if they get hacked off. However, she has to consciously use this ability, and if she overdoes it she'll tire herself out fast and possibly faint.

Items: Sophie has a Divinity Spark, which is her transformation trinket. It takes the form of a silver pendant with a heart-cut purple amethyst with a soft internal glow. Sophie normally keeps it tucked away unless she needs to use it. She just needs to tap the jewel to transform back and forth, although it will automatically transform her when she's in danger. The transformation is accompanied by a bright flash of light that can blind the unprepared.

Backstory: Sophie's world was taken over by a vicious organization/race of machines known as the Bleaksteel before she was ever born. While her mother Annette was still pregnant with her, her father Hubert died heroically fighting against them.
Despite that, Sophie's hometown managed to avoid the worst of the Bleaksteel's wrath. Her own life was a fairly normal and fairly pleasant one, although Sophie could never seem to do more than average or passing no matter how much she tried.
Her life changed forever when she and her friend Lillian found a girl named Samantha Proudfoot crashed in their local park. Samantha turned out okay, and as apparently a token of gratitude gave Sophie a mysterious pendant. Through some experimenting, Sophie figured out just what the pendant let her do.
Samantha eventually returned, revealed herself as a magical girl, and tested Sophie. Sophie somehow managed to pass in Samantha's eyes, which lead the latter to ask for her help in gathering pieces of a powerful artifact called the Pleroma to defeat the Bleaksteel once and for all. Despite her misgivings, Sophie saw this as a chance to finally make something of herself and accepted.
Since then the two of them have been making good progress towards their goal. While Sophie is still having trouble adjusting to life as a magical girl and still doesn't understand why Samantha picked her of all people to help her, she's been better at it than anything she tried before then.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Double sign-up!

Post by JamesShields01 on 22/7/2016, 3:48 am

Alright, now that I finally managed to properly finish this, here, one canon and one OC coming up!

Source: Unchained Fate
Name: Lumina Ixpellys
Age: 15
Appearance: Normal - she has shoulder lenght, fine blond hair, bright green eyes and long and pointed ears. She often wears plain white robes and wears her Soul Augmenter in the form of a small, shield-shaped crystal necklace.
Transformed - When she transforms with the use of her Soul Augmenter, her robes become much more elaborated, with small crystals shaped like her Soul Augmenter embedded through most of it's surface. Her Soul Augmenter turns into a medium sized, hard crystal round shield, which she wears on her left arm.

Personality: Lumina is a naturally kind and cheerful girl that is always willing to help and protect others. She would rather not get in any sort of fight by herself, but if someone else is in danger, she'll do whatever she can with her powers to keep them from harm.
However, due to often being shunned back home due to her low natural magical potential and her use of her mysterious Soul Augmenter , she tends to be rather meek, socially anxious and shy. It is hard for her to ever say no to anyone, and thus she can rather easy to push around. It is also hard for her to get emotionally close to people without her happiness becomong enmeshed with those of others, and if she unable to help them she tends to become quite depressed.


  • Defensive Magic - By herself and untransformed, she can only form weak barriers around her body, which only mitigate slightly more damage that would take than without any protection. She posesses a fair amount of knowledge regarding such spells and with use of her Soul Augmenter, she can cast much more powerful defensive spells, such as large energy shields or barriers covering herself and/or others. These spells seem to have the quirk of being much more stronger when used to protect other rather than just herself.
    She can also supply variable amounts of her boosted mana back to her Soul Augmenter in order to strengthen its defensive capabilities. While transformed, her magic naturally inhances the defenses of her robes, allowing both them and herself to withstand much more damage than otherwise.
  • Healing Magic - Without her Soul Augmenter, she can only instantly heal minor wounds and very slowly regenerate major ones. She posesses a fair understanding of this kind of magic due to coming from a family of Healers, who tried to teach her their art despite her decencies in magic. With her magic boosted by her transformation, she can quickly heal more serious wounds and some diseases and allow for quicker regeneration in both herself and others. Like with her defensive magic, this usually works a whole lot better when used to heal others. This tends to take a lot of energy and would generally not be enough to completely heal someone in the middle of combat. 
  • Support Magic - She can transfer her own mana to another magic user in order to power up their spells, as well casting spells to boost existing capabilities or enchant them with various effects.
  • Medicinal Knowledge - Since she's only effective at healing with magic while transformed, which tends to tire her out after a while, she has picked up fairly decent knowledge of herbal medicine, knowing to use both magical herbs and potions in order to treat wounds and several diseases.


  • Soul Augmenter - A magical crystal that allows her to transform and use a much greater ammount of mana than she would be naturally able to. However, casting magic under ths form tends to exhaustive and thus it tends to not last long when using more powerful spells.
  • Spell Books - Her family gave a healing spell book as a parting gift and she managed to find one on defensive magic and another on support magic while on her travels.
  • Bottomles Pouch - she carries a large leather pouch, which is enchanted to be able to hold far more inside than usual. filled with all sorts of magical herbs and potions in order to deal with various sorts of ailments. 

Backstory: Lumina was born to a family of Healers in a small elf village, located in the Storybook of Mysteria, a land where magic is used for everything in the place of science and technology.
Due to her unusually low magical capabilities and later on due to the mysterious appearence of her Soul Augmenter, which many believed was due to the workings of Author Chi, a mysterious deity-like being that's usually not trusted, she often ended up being shunned by those outside her immediate family. Her parents tried to shield from this as best as they could, but it only got worse as she grew up and so it was with a sad heart that they watched her finally leave, hoping to find acceptance somewhere else. She roamed throught the land of Mysteria and through other worlds, before finding herself in the Citadel of Fate, where she currently resides.

Source (Optional): Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Name: Fate Testarossa Harlaown
Age: 19
Appearance: In her uniform , With her regular Barrier Jacket and with Sonic Drive active.
Personality: Despite all the abuse she suffered as a child, mostly thank to the positive influence of her friends and adoptive family, Fate's a very gentle and kind-hearted person. She tends to be rather strong-willed and serious, specially while in a mission. She's particularly driven to solve incidents similar to what happened to her as a child, being very protective of children and doing her best to prevent them from having to suffer like she did. However, despite how tough she may usually appear, she can be rather insecure and socially awkward, as well as sometimes being uncomfortable with being touched, likely also a result of being deprived of affection and abused during her early childhood. 


  • Fate is a math genius, being once shown helping a high schooler with an assignment while she was still in grade school. This also greatly helps her with magic, due to spells in universe requiring complex calculations. 
    She's one of many mages to posess telepathy, althought this is normally limited to in between mages or similar beings and it's not known if it would work with someone outside her universe even if they possessed something similar.
  • She's inherently capable of flight while transformed, being able to reach incredible flight speeds and exceling in aerial combat.
  • When she transforms, a specific defensive spell commonly known as a Barrier Jacket is automatically activated. This forms a sort of magical armor compose of several layers of defensive magic. Her particular Jacket is known to posess two different forms: 
  • Impulse Style - It's regular and default form, which sacrifices defense for the sake of speed.
  • Sonic Drive - Completely sacrifices defense for speed and offensive power. She can't take even one hit while it's active or she will be easily taken out.


  • Plasma Lancer: Forms large, arrowhead-shaped energy projectiles around the target. The shooting command is 'Fire'. With the command 'Turn', they halt in mid-air and change directions.
  • Plasma Barret: A guided version of Plasma Lancer, having less power and producing fewer projectiles in exchange for more precise control of their trajectory
  • Haken Saber: Shoots Haken form's blade as a projectile in a wide arc. The blade can be detonate with thr command 'Saber Blast'
  • Trident Smasher: Fires a wide, three-pronged energy beam from her arm.
  • Plasma Zanber Smasher: Fires a powerful lightning blast from Zanber form's blade, spending a full magazine of cartrudges to be used. 
  • Thunder Arm: Forms a shield-like field of electricity around her arm to provide additional protection in close range combat.
  • Thunder Rage: Fires a wide bolt of electricity capable of hitting multiple targets.
  • Thunder Blade: Fires several energy swords, which can detonated into an electric blast with the command, "Break!" 
  • Lightning Bind: Binds the targets arms and legs with energy binds that also shock them.
  • Defenser: a basic defensive spell that surrounds the user in a bubble shield. Bardiche has a function called Auto Guard that can automatically cast this spell when Fate is attacked.
  • Jacket Purge: A last resort defensive measure, in case of her Barrier Jacket taking enough damage, all the mana used to create it will be used to create a powerful blast to repel further damage and disrupt binds. However, this will leave her completely vulnerable until the Jacket can be regenerated. 
  • Dimensional Transfer: A spell capable transporting her and/or others across dimensions. Likely not powerful enough to transfer between the different universes within the RP, but perhaps knowlegde of this spell would facilite the use of the transfer Device and its spell.
  • Sonic Move: Dramatically increases her speed, normally making her move faster than a human eye can see for a moment, but would likely be reduced to the upper limits of subsonic speed. It's also permanently active during Sonic Drive. 
  • Round Shield: Forms an energy shield in the shape of her magic circle in front of her, covering a smaller area but being able absorb much more damage.

- Bardiche Assault, her Intelligence Device, which additionally to being one her oldest and dearest companions, provides her with assistence in many ways, mainly with speeding up and facilitating the process of casting spells, seeing as they function as complex equations. After being damaged in an incident ten years previously, he was upgraded to his current form. In the process, he was outfitted with the Belkan Cartridge System, a risky upgrade that aforded more magical power through the use of cartridges, hollow bullet-like objects filled with magical energy released when spent. In addition, he has several different forms, as listed:

  • Standby- The form he assumes when not active, while still preserving a few basic functions such as detection of energy and dimensional distortions and limited assistance. 
  • Assault-The default active form, being more suited for mid to long range. Spells such as Plasma Lancer work the most efficiently when used under this form
  • Haken - An energy scythe-like form most suited for close range combat, though Haken Saber allows it to be used from a longer distance as well.
  • Zanber  - A very large energy sword, being easily able to extend its lenght
  • Zanber Riot Blade, a compressed version of Zanber form into the size of a normal saber, with increased cutting power
  • Zanber Riot , which is only activated during Sonic Drive and  itself posesses two forms:
       -Stinger, composed of two Riot Blades joined by a energy string.
       -Calamity, which combines the Riot Blades into an even larger version of Zanber form.


  • For much of her early childhood, Fate was lonely except for her mother's Familiar, Linith, who created Bardiche and thought her to fight from a very early age. However, after this was achieved, Linith's contract with Presea was fulfilled and thus she vanished from existence. This left Fate alone again, since her mother was rather absent and neglectful. This continued until one day, Fate encountered a dying wolf and turned her into her Familiar, Arf. As time went on, her mother's treatment of her worsened until it became downright abusive, with her being regularly punished being brutally whipped whenever she was deemed as having failed. 
  • Fate started as a Dark Magical Girl rival, competing with Nanoha, the protagonist of the series, for the possession of several dangerous artifacts called Jewel Seeds, in the stead of her mother, Presea Testarossa. However, ever since they meet, Nanoha attempted to understand and tried to become her friend despite the circunstances. Finally, after Presea cruelly revealed her true origins and abandoned, she came to realize what Nanoha was trying to do for her and join her side. After Presea caused her own demise by trying to use the Jewel Seeds, the two of them become officially friends, which would continue for a lifetime. After serving a symbolic sentence for her involvement in the incident, due to actions being made innocently on the behalf of her mother and her young age, she ended up joining the very organization that solved it and arrested her, the Time Space Administration Bureau. A few months later, she became involved in another incident with a dangerous artifact, which resulted in her and Nanoha meeting several people who would later become lifelong friends and allies. Several years later, she was then officially adopted by one of the officials involved in the case, Lindy Harlaown
  • In following years, she ended up becoming one of the top Executive Officers, responsible for the investigation of crimes across several different dimensions. While in a couple of these missions, she ended up meeting Caro and Erio, children suffering in situations similar to her own and ended up taking care of them and becoming their guardian. A few years later, she was recruited as part of Riot Force Six, a special taskforce created to swifly deal with several dangerous criminals acting the TSAB's main world, Mid-Childa. During this time, after her children found a girl, Vivio, abandoned and hurt during a mission, she along with Nanoha became her mother as well.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by wikkit on 26/7/2016, 2:55 pm

I understand that this may be a little unorthodox for a magical girl, but hey:  it's unexplained mystical abilities, and a girl.  If you have a problem with it, then I'll be fine switching to another, more traditional one (read: touhou)

Source:  .flow
Name:  Sabitsuki
Age:  17
Appearance:  The most effective girl in the room.

Personality:  She's a bit wary.  While she isn't aware of any kind of real grudge against people who have wronged her in the past, she does have some serious trust issues.  Because she spends so much time in the fantastic (if often frightening) world of dreams, her outlook on life is a bit blase nowadays.  Everywhere else in life is so dull, and its people unkind, so even if these dreams are getting more and more disturbing of late, they're preferable to spending time elsewhere.  She's also a little convinced that her disease is contagious, so her shut-in tendencies are only exacerbated by the perceived need to stop a plague from happening.  While she isn't as easily frightened as you might expect, she's a little paranoid, and beginning to think that her actions in her dreams are becoming a bit drastic.  Beneath all of these flaws, she is a kind and loving person towards those she likes, has a good-natured sense of humor, and is very willful in trying to obtain what few goals she sets for herself.

FLOW:  Sabitsuki can mentally enter people's consciousnesses in the form of a stable dream world.  The worlds are a reflection on the personality and memories of the person in question, and can take any form imaginable.  The dream world is generally the same on repeat visits, but infinite; when you think you've explored all there is, there will always be a hidden door or pathway that leads to another completely different branch.  It can change over time as people's memories and personalities change; the dream world of ten year old Sabitsuki was much different than the today's. She requires physical contact with the target and falls into a trance-like state while performing the maneuver, so both of them generally have to stay still.  Also required is some kind of real world item to focus on while entering and exiting.  In Sabitsuki's own case, it was her personal computer.  She isn't aware that she can actually perform this on other people yet.
EFFECTS:  The term she's come up with for the myriad forms and items she can create at will.  They are derived from specific and memorable images found within the dream, with the criteria being seemingly random for what will and will not become an effect.  Over the last 11 years she's obtained 24 of these effects.  For all effects it takes about 2-10 seconds to change between them, and anything created by the effect will disappear when switching to another.  They cannot be used in tandem with one another.
The 17 Minor Effects:
The majority are not really powers at all:  they either are mundane items with some usefulness, or have such a specific use that they are rarely important.

  • Arm:  She grows three extra limbs from her sides and head.  They're feeble and inflexible.
  • Black Hood:  She obtains a hoodie.  Very comfy.
  • Corpse:  She looks like a corpse.  Doesn't take on any attributes of a corpse (like being dead), but just appears to be one.
  • Daruma:  She loses her limbs.  Since she can't do much of anything, this is the only effect that is actively harmful to her.
  • Diving Helmet:  She obtains an old copper diving helmet.  It doesn't come with an air hose or anything, but it is sturdy.
  • Dress:  She obtains a black funeral gown.  Very classy.
  • Gas Mask:  She obtains a gas mask.  It doesn't have any filters in it.
  • Headphones:  She obtains a pair of orange headphones.  They don't come with anything to listen to, but the audio quality is good.
  • Iron Pipe:  She obtains a length of iron piping.  Sabitsuki knows how to use this, but she's hampered by having the strength of a sickly teenager.
  • Mono-Eye:  She has her eyes replaced with a large and red one.  Loses all depth perception.
  • Psychedelic:  She has her color palette changed.  It switches through neon colors at random every few seconds.
  • Tattoo:  She obtains a pair of cross-shaped tattoos over her eyelids.
  • Television:  She replaces her head with a TV.  It's the most useful of the minor effects.  By turning the nob on the side, she can randomly select any television station she can receive signals from.  It even gets cable channels!  Among the legitimate channels are a number of random ones that seem to be available even when there is no signal to receive.  They're odd and aren't worth watching.
  • Uniform:  She obtains her high school uniform.  The shirt has pockets in it, so it has its uses.
  • Viscera:  She has her intestines spill out of a hole in her front.  It isn't painful, but it isn't pleasant to see either.
  • Watering Can:  She obtains a watering can.  It never seems to run out, but like anything else the water disappears when the effect is changed, even if it's already been consumed by someone.
  • Whistle:  She obtains a coaches' whistle.  Very loud, and good for getting attention.

The 7 Major Effects:
These effects have actually useful abilities, and could reasonably be called powers.

  • Broom:  She obtains a cute witches' outfit, and a magic broom.  It allows her to fly!  Not extremely fast, but flying is pretty useful.
  • Cat:  She obtains a pair of cat ears and a tail, and the ability to change into a small white cat.  Useful for small spaces.
  • Ghost:  She loses her legs and gains a ghostly tail thing and that triangle headdress thing that ghosts in Japan wear.  She can become invisible (but not intangible) with this effect.
  • Handgun:  She obtains a small pistol.  It never seems to run out of ammunition, but it isn't very useful outside of scaring people because she's a terrible shot.  She couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, even if said barn was asking to be shot.
  • Machine:  She loses her limbs and replaces them with spindly, black mechanical prosthetics.  They're considerably stronger than her normal limbs, and allow her to lift more, run faster, leap higher and go places with much less fatigue.  Also, the feet are pretty sharp.
  • Plant:  She becomes part plant.  Aside from now gaining nutrients from photosynthesis, she loses her legs and has them replaced with a number of prehensile vines.  If she digs her roots into the ground, plants around her grow at an alarmingly fast rate.
  • Slime:  She replaces her body with a pile of thick, sickly green and Sabitsuki-shaped slime.  Since she now lacks organs, blood, bones or any bodily systems she is now considerably more durable to physical impact.  Any mass lost in this form stays lost when changing back, and she loses body moisture quickly.  She cannot alter her form beyond becoming a slightly less Sabitsuki-shaped puddle.  Being in this form is physically nauseating for some reason, so she tries to limit its use.

DISEASE:  She has been dealing for most of her life with a chronic, non-contagious disease.  It initially manifested as a bizarre form of albinism, and otherwise includes internal hemorrhaging, minor paranoid delusions and hallucinations, fatigue, headaches and skin discoloration.  It ebbs and flows with time, but lately it's been a little worse than usual.

Items:  Nothing besides the clothes on her back, the keys to her apartment, and about $0.60 in change.

Backstory:  Being sick isn't very fun at all.  You have to spend a lot of time in the hospital, doctors always are checking to see how you do, and most importantly you're different from everyone else.  Considering she inexplicably became an albino at the age of 5, and kids her age being superstitious and unforgiving, her experience with her classmates hasn't been the best.  Even as they all grew older, and gained understanding of her disease, they still saw her as a loner.  She has had respite, though.  The world of her own subconscious was available to her since she was a very young girl, and it's become a home away from home, and away from everything else in the world.

In the last few months, the disease has been getting worse, in that she has been vomiting blood.  Now convinced that she is going to spread this disease she hasn't gone any further than her doorstep, and has been slowly delving further and further into her own dreams, solely reflecting inward and trying to escape entirely from the real world.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by JamesShields01 on 28/7/2016, 12:39 am

Source: Cardcaptor Sakura
Name: Sakura Kinomoto (with Kero)
Age:  10  (Kero: unknown)
Appearance:   Sakura, with Kero being the small yellow winged lion plushie

Sakura is has a very cheery and kind demeanor. She is a firm believer in The Power of Friendship and second chances. She would rather end conflicts peacefully and befriend people rather than fight them, being relunctant in doing so when forced to. Although she was an air of wisdom to her and can be quite perceptive when it comes to others , she can tend not as smart when it comes to more practical and intellectual matters and can come off as naive and airheaded, as well as being quite unperceptive when it comes to her, specially when it comes to love, but that's likely due to her young age. Due to her older brother having the gift to see ghosts and often pointing out and making gruesome descriptions of them to her when she was younger, she tends to be quite scared to them.

Kero is bossy and gluttonous, usually ordering Sakura around and eating whatever he can find. He genuinely does care about Sakura, being fiercily protective of her whenever she comes to harm and does his best to mentor her.

Clow Cards ("Sakura" Cards) : A Collection of 53 cards (anime), they each possess a unique power that range from exceptionally powerful to practically mundane. The Cards have an agency of their own and can move about independently if they don't have a master. The cards have a hierarchy and are divided underneath the 4 elements of nature and the two attributes. Additionally they are divided between Western magic under the Sun and Eastern magic and the Moon. Her Sealing Staff is required to seal away and release the power within each card. Cards have to be used one at a time and require a special chant to release their power. Their effects can be combined and multiple cards can be released in sequence after a single chant. 

The 52 Cards :

  • The Windy: Falls under the Moon and Eastern Magic. Grants power over the wind, as she is perhaps the most docile and gentlest of the Cards and dislikes fighting, her magic is mainly used to either blow objects away and binding a target without harming them. Cards under the Windy are:
  • The Dash: Grants supernatural speed for a short distance. As an entity, it's quite intelligent but prone to be shy and to flee away from confrontation. However, once its trust is earned, it becomes quite loyal.
  • The Float: Makes objects float lazily in the air. Tends to be mischieveous, but is also quite gentle.
  • The Fly: Grants the ability of flight. Although initially it was used by extended the wings on the Sealing Wand, after being transformed, it's now used by giving Sakura wings on her back, enabling her to use others Cards in conjuction with it unlike before
  • The Jump: Grants the ability to jump great heights, appearing as wings around the feet of its user. It's also notably one of the relatively less smart of the Cards.
  • The Move: A mischievious spirit that can inhabit and teleport  objects. However, it's notably not very powerful, being only able move small objects, such as pencils or books, over a short distance. It also cannot move living beings.
  • The Song: A shy spirit that is attracted to beautiful songs and can perfectly copy them to memory and reproduce them.
  • The Storm: Can create rainstorms and tornadoes. As it tends to a rather volatile and agressive entity, its uses tend to be limited and kept to a short time. It's also notably vulnarable to attacks at the eye of its storms.
  • The Voice: A mischievious spirit that, like The Song, is attracted to singing. If it particularly likes a voice, it can steal it and render the person mute.

  • The Earthy: Falls under the Sun and Western Magic. Grants free control over the element of  earth and matter composed of it, such as soil, rock, stone and even bricks. Can also be used to create powerful earthquakes. Althought not particularly violent by nature, due to its destructive potential, its use tends to limited and carefully controlled. Cards under The Earthy are:
  • The Flower: Causes flowers to bloom as well as manifesting any kind of them that its user desires.
  • The Libra: Can tell when a person is lying. 
  • The Lock: Magically locks doors and entrances, preventing them from being unlocked bu conventional means, as well as protecting them from damage.
  • The Loop: Causes an area to loop itself for a short period of time. 
  • The Maze: Distorts space-time and entraps people in a maze-like pocket dimension. 
  • The Mirror: Can perfectly imitate someone's appearance. Mainly used to copy Sakura. However despite taking on her appearence, she is shown to be one of the most independent and intelligent entities, having an entirely separate personality. She's capable of speech and can act as the voice for most of the other Cards. Can also reflect low-power ranged attacks.
  • The Sand: Grants the ability to control and manipulate sand, as well as transform other kinds of earth into it.
  • The Shield: Creates a magical barrier that protects from physical attacks. Can usually only be penetrated by magic.

  • The Firey: Falls under the Sun and Western magic. Can create fire from thin air, as well control any existing flames. Can regulate temperatures to high levels. However, he is a Card that has to be handled with a lot of caution, as not only is he rather agressive,  but also can harm the user even while doing as asked if not used with care. Also has a tendency to backfire, scare and/or even harm others while technically still doing as commanded. Cards under the Fiery are:
  • The Arrow: Fires a volley of magical arrows. As a entity meant solely to attack , she's naturally agressive.  
  • The Fight: Grants martial arts prowess. As an entity, she's fiercely competetive and agressive, seeking strong opponents to fight against and not stopping until they are defeated, often being ruthless about it.
  • The Power: Grants enhanced strength. Doubles the user's strength.
  • The Shot: Fires a weak, magical homing projectile, which is hard but not impossible to dodge. Tends to be violent and relentless, just keeping shooting at it's target until they are defeated if not stopped.
  • The Sword: Transforms the Wand into a very sharp Sword, being capable of cutting throught metal and stone, as well as penetrating magical defenses. Also grants the wielder exceptional swordsmanship skills. 
  • The Through: Can temporaly make the user pass through solid objects such as walls, floors and ceilings. 
  • The Thunder: Grants control over lightning, being able to generate large bolts of it. However, in accordance to its bestial appearence, it tends to be rather violent. 
  • The Twin: Can duplicate objects and people. Duplicates are exact copies of the originals but lack certain qualities that make them distinguishable. A candy duplicate will not taste sweet. A person duplicate will have 1/4 of that persons capabilities.

  • The Watery: Falls under the Moon and Eastern magic. Can control and create water, being able to generate whirlpools and tidal waves.  She is also able to absorb magic from other water-based Cards. However, she is of a extremely violent and agressive nature and thus her use is limited and carefully controlled. Cards under The Watery are:
  • The Wave: Can  only control  existing bodies of water in order to generate large waves. Cannot create water
    The Rain: Causes it to rain. The more docile cousin of The Storm, The Rain creates drizzles and showers, not rainstorms.
  • The Bubbles: A more utility type of Card, used to create a huge mass of soap bubbles
  • The Cloud: Creates clouds. The clouds can be placed at any height though evaporate if placed too high.
  • The Mist: Can create a blanket of mist or fog. Can also create a corrosive mist that can eat through metal and stone, though it tends to rather violent with the latter and thus the use of such a capibility is very limited.
  • The Freeze: Is able to create a blast cone of cold wind that can freeze existing sources of water or shape and manipulate already existing ice. Can also lower a localized temperature to a freezing point. 
  • The Snow: Causes it to snow a considerable amount even during wheather that wouldn't normally produce it. Tends to be agressive, attacking in form of a blizzard.
  • The Wood: Grants the ability to manipulate and grow vines, bushes, branches and other plants, usually to entrap an opponent. She's of a docile and gentle nature, though can also grow wild and erratic with his power when affected by water-based magic. 

  • The Light: Falls under the Sun and Western Magic. Grants control over light and can cause a sunrise.  Must be used alongside The Dark. She's quite amenable and intelligent, being one of a Cards capable of human speech Cards under The Light are:
  • The Big: Can make objects and people grow. 
  • The Create: A magical book that can create any object or entity written within it. Currently limited to creating reasonably sized inanimate objects.
  • The Glow: Create motes of soft glowing light.
  • The Little: Can make objects or people shrink. 
  • The Return: Lets the Caster travel back in time and observe past events as a ghost. Takes a lot of magical energy to be used, usually more than Sakura posesses by herself.
  • The Shadow: Control of pseudo-tangible shadows. They can touch others but cannot be touch except throught strong magic. Can also track people through their shadows.
  • The Sweet: Can turn small objects into candy. Also makes food taste sweeter.

  • The Dark: Falls under the Moon and Eastern magic. Can warp soace and create darkness capable of isolating and nullifying non-magical beings, as well as bringing forth the night Must be used alongside The Light. She is quite amenable and intelligent, being one of the few Cards capable of human speech. Cards under The Dark are:
  • The Change: Can swap peoples' bodies. 
  • The Dream: Can make people dream their greatest desires.
  • The Erase: Can erase anything from existence. Anything erased will be gone forever if left erased for too long. Erased objects or people can be brought back if this cards power is negated. Omitted out.
  • The Illusion: Creates an illusion of what someone either loves the most or fears the most. Can potentially appear as anything.
  • The Silent: Can negate sound, as well expel any source of noise over a short distance. 
  • The Sleep: Creates a dust that can cause people to fall asleep. Can be resisted by those with strong magical power. 
  • The Time: Grants free control over the flow of time, such as speeding it up, slowing down, pausing or even causing even to repeat themselves. Takes a lot of energy to use and not something that should be abused in an already unstable multiverse. If used, would be limited to briefly and slightly speeding up and slowing down.

Fortune Telling: Much like the Tarot they are based off of they can used in a similar manner.
Prophetic Dreams: Tends to have vague dreams that predict important future events. Probably would be limited to occuring the night before the initial events are set into motion and only about them, such as the Zero Collapse and Hikaru's summoning. 

True Form:  After Sakura resealed both The Firey and The Earthy, he regained the ability to turn back into his true self temporaly. Appears A large, armored and winged lion capable of breathing fire.  

Sealing Wand: Required for sealing and releasing the power of the Cards. For the most part, it's kept in the form of a Key and has to be released with a special chant. When released, it appears as a long pink wand, with a circle at the top containing a golden star and surrounded by small white wings on either side. 
Clow/Sakura Book: A special and mysterious book in which the Cards are normally kept. 
Also often uses a pair of rollerblades.

Backstory: Sakura was just an ordinary Japanese elementary school student  until one day she found a mysterious book in her dad's study and ended up accidently  releasing  all but one of the 52 magical cards into the world. Released along with them was the magical beast Kerberos who informed her that the Clow cards wee created by a wizard named Clow Reed using both Western and Eastern magics and that each Clow Card possessed a power of it's own that could potentially be dangerous. He began mentoring her into becoming the next Master of the Cards. Teaming up with her friends Syaoran, Meiling, and Tomoyo, Sakura has successfully captured many Clow Cards and developed her powers as a young magician and has even converted them into her own "Sakura Cards", surpassing her predecessor Clow Reed.

Other: Cards such as The Change, The Illusion and The Dream would require the permission of any player(s) involved to be used.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by V_Phantom on 28/7/2016, 2:07 pm

Source (Optional): Kaijuu World (placeholder name)
Name: Aurum Septuagintia
Age: 17 years

Appearance: Of athletic build and above average height. Her skin is tastefully tanned because of her constant exposure to the sun and sea, and her arms are adorned with at least a dozen ceremonial tattoos granted to her as recognition for her service towards her home archipelago, and the Kaijuu and humans living there. She has long flowing brunette hair, and vivid green eyes.
Fashion-wise, she usually clad in a sparse tropical set consisting of a modest bikini-top and bottom, a shawl over her shoulders and a medium length sarong around her waist. She usually wears a yellow flower, native from her home island, on her hair; the plant takes nutrients from her own skin, so it blooms despite not being planted on proper soil.

Personality: A kind soul first and foremost, Aurum is a very approachable and caring person who doesn't hesitate when it comes to helping those in need. She's also a fervent pacifist and diplomat, and she will try her best in order to resolve conflicts without recurring to violence nor unnecessary bloodshed.
She can be rather naive when it comes to social conventions and technology that go beyond the limits of what she's used to in her home world; conflicts and misunderstandings regarding those are to be expected. Also, due to the nature of her powers, she tries to be as calm and easygoing as possible to minimize the risk of her transforming against her will.


  • Hyper-Human Biology: Even without actively summoning any of her more exotic abilities, Aurum always has access to a certain degree of superhuman strength, speed, endurance and stamina. Her senses are also heightened, and her resistance to toxins and illnesses, as well as her improved cellular regeneration, (she heals way faster than ordinary humans) make her nigh immune to most of them.
  • Astral Empathy: Her most important ability back at her home-world, this gift allows her to understand and communicate with almost any organic lifeform who has existed or will ever exist. (animals, plants, fungi, protists, monera... And maybe even more) However, in order to do so, the lifeform in question must be willing to communicate on the first place, as she can't forcefully prod those that don't want to share anything.
  • Biological Recall: This ability allows her transform her body in order to use certain abilities of any creature she had consumed while in Half-Kaijuu form..

Absorbed Abilities (Starting Set):

Combat Tendrils – The ability to transform her limbs into stretching and flexible “tentacles” in order to extend her reach, and/or for them to be used as weapons.
Corrosive Fluid – I allows her to secrete and launch globs of highly corrosive slime capable of dissolving almost any kind of substance. She can also reabsorb the fluid in order to prevent it from causing more harm than strictly necessary.
Molecular Claws – She can transform her fingers and toes into ultra-sharp (molecular-thin, ergo the name) and high-durable claws capable of cutting through almost anything.
Armor Scales – She can totally or partially cover her body with super-resistant scales that function like integrated body armor. The more scales she generates, the harder it is for her to move, as they're rather heavy and they substantially limit her articulations.
Flesh Weaving – The ability to patch-up injuries by “molding” her own tissues into a stem-cell-like glob that replaces the missing and damaged organs and/or tissues. Only effective while used in other people/creatures.
Gills – They allow her to breath underwater for an indefinite amount of time. They work for both fresh water and sea water.

She can also combine most of her abilities in order to enhance them even further. (Like Combat Tendrils + Molecular Claws in order to wield a long range “blade on a string”)

  • Half-Kaijuu Transformation: She can transform into a monstrous form. This forms resembles a gray-skinned vaguely humanoid reptilian creature which stands 4 meters tall. It greatly increases her destructive power, at the cost of turning into a feral and unruly beast. She can either trigger this transformation intentionally, by concentrating very intently into it, or by accident if her levels of stress become too high.
  • Atomic Blast: An unique ability she can only use in her bestial form. It allows her to fire a stream of concentrated fire radioactive fire from her gapping mouth.
  • Consumption: She'll gain some of the powers and abilities of any living creature she consumes while transformed. Theoretically, if she consumed enough specimens of a single lifeform, she'd be able to fully transform into a perfect copy of them, but doing so is a massive taboo on her culture.

Items: Besides her clothes, her only noteworthy piece of equipment is a rather simple anklet with a chrome-like finish, attached to her left foot. (the only decoration on her otherwise perpetually naked feet) Despite its unassuming appearance, this piece of jewelry is quite important, as it works like power-limiter that increases the stress-threshold she can tolerate before unintentionally transforming.

Backstory: Aurum hails from a planet where Kaijuu are the dominant lifeform instead of humans, but they still managed to thrive by forming a symbiotic relationship with their gargantuan neighbors.
She was born in an isolated archipelago, consisting of seven islands, home to a variety of aquatic and amphibious Kaijuu. From a very young age, she was chosen to become a guardian and ambassador of her home-island by assuming the title of Kaijuu Princess, (placeholder name) a maiden whose biology and soul has been altered to be a bridge between humans and Kaijuu.
During her 15th birthday, after completing a very difficult training, she managed to complete the nigh-deadly ritual that allowed her to bond with a Kaiju Seed, the powerful artifact that allowed her to become a powerful Kaijuu hybrid. With this new strength, and the help of the other six Princesses and the Kaijuu Queen, she fights to protect their archipelago, and all the Kaijuu and humans living there.


  • Her clothes are held together with special brooches that undo themselves whenever she grows too big due to an unexpected transformation, so she doesn't have to find new clothes every single time she doesn't have the chance to undress before transforming. Her special anklet also works like these brooches.
  • Because all her powers, specially the Flesh Weaving and her regenerative factor, use her biomass as fuel, she needs to regularly consume great quantities of food in order to stay at peak capacity.
  • The Kaijuu Seed (placeholder name) is located inside her body, between her heart and spinal cord. She would instantly die if it ever was to be removed, as it's already become a fundamental and irreplaceable part of her.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

Post by wikkit on 29/7/2016, 2:25 pm

You know what?  Let's put in a second character, one who isn't so mentally vulnerable all the time.

Source:  Mahou☆Fune!  Rise to the Top of The Abyss!  (which is totally not a Kancolle AU)
Name:  Miracle☆Carrier Wo-Chan! (Real name: Wo Class.  Class is like the surname "Johnson" in her world.)
Age: 18
Appearance: Before and After transforming.  She is a tall girl, even without counting the upper metal part of her head.

Personality:  She has a very good act going on when she assumes the role of a Mahou Shoujo.  Wo is all dour and what not, rarely letting a smile on when she's fighting evil and trying to be as threatening as possible.  This often involves saying things like "I will be the one to judge you!" or "The dues of the wicked will be paid in full!" and other things to intimidate her opponents.  When she isn't trying to be threatening, her real nature shows up:  what she calls "Genki".  Being one of the world's only weeaboos with no outlet to express her love for anime (which she thinks is real), she often tries to model herself in that stereotype of a cheerful person who often is a bit clumsy and easily flustered.  She was already quite a lot like that beforehand, so it isn't much of a change.  Outside of that, she isn't immediately trusting of strangers, is very proud of herself when she gets something right, tends to act brashly and jump into fights quickly, and is quite intelligent underneath her exterior of being a "silly baka".  Not very wise though, just book smart.  Not good at naming things.


  • Abyssal Physiology:  Despite looking close to it from the hairline down, she is most definitely not human.  She is a complex combination of a human framework, synthetic flesh/organs and mechanical subsystems which confers many differences.  To keep it brief and not have to invent a bunch of terms to say "she's tough", she's tougher than humans because of all the metal bits.  Wo can regenerate minor damage over time, unless those particular organs are damaged.  Cuts and gashes would heal, but lost limbs would probably mean she has to see a doctor.  Or a mechanic, because they're the same thing in her world.  All abyssals are amphibious, capable of both thriving on land and deep within the ocean, resisting the pressure differences and seeing well in the darkness.  The head is part of her body, those leg things are quite strong and can adhere to flat surfaces, and the mouth is capable of crushing steel.  Also, all abyssals are colorblind.
  • Miracle☆Magic:  Though magic has diminished greatly with the extinction of humans, there's still enough vestiges left around for Wo to manipulate.  First and foremost is flight, which is self-explanatory.  The second is manipulation of concentrated magical energy streams flowing through water, allowing her to manipulate it freely.  Anything from small, sharp blades of fast-traveling water to constructs made of the drink, to making it rain, to dousing fires, to altering flow, to drowning people, and so forth.  She cannot create water, but she can manipulate the temperature up to boiling and down to freezing (though this isn't instant).  Lastly, she has a strong nose for sniffing out any magic, both latent and within other beings.
  • Headcannons:  Wo has four guns on the sides of her head.  They're fully functional naval cannons.  Though far less powerful than the weapons on an actual WWII-era vessel they still pack a punch, and can switch between armor piercing and high explosive ammunition.  For all abyssals, aiming these guns are as second-nature as moving a hand, so she knows how to shoot well.


  • Miracle☆Staff:  The magic staff that lets her channel magical stuff.  Truthfully just a piece of driftwood, but she can summon it at will.  Usually reserved to make her transformations a lot cooler.
  • Neko-Fighter:  A little ball of steel, teeth and anger that is still a part of her body, even if it isn't physically connected.  Abyssal biology doesn't make sense.  It isn't capable of much beyond flying, biting, scouting and being a distraction, but it's always there, tucked into a compartment in her head.  Only a little larger than a baseball.
  • And otherwise, she has a few things stuck inside of her head's many small compartments.  A few tubes of nutrient and structure gel, a welding torch for her job, a single DVD of a long-lost shoujo series and something that works quite a lot like a walkie-talkie.

Backstory:  The Multiverse is a very, very strange place, and though humans seem to be a fixture in many of these places they often look quite different from universe to the next.  In one of these places humanity had long ago undergone a form of forced evolution, the entire biosphere becoming fused with machines.  Of course, there was some minor schisms over this event, and not everyone seemed to particularly enjoy becoming what was essentially a different species, but after a little recovery from that war civilization was remade!

Much later afterwards, and these new humans take on many new forms in their amphibious lifestyles.  Some look pretty close to the ones from pre-history, with pallid skin, ebony or shock-white hair, and more often than not glowing eyes.  Some look closer to robotic horrors made of black metal and gnawing teeth, and some are bizarre combinations of both, but in this society they're considered just about the same as everyone else.  Life is good, the world is at peace, everything is post-scarcity and the average person has some form of naval cannon built onto their person.  Being converted from war machines, they felt that if everyone had cannons and thick steel plating on them at all times, wouldn't it be just about as safe as if they didn't have it?

Naturally things go wrong from this.  Just because they used to share a hive-mind doesn't mean they kept it.  People shoot each other, bad things happen, otherwordly forces still surface from time to time, and who will be around to deal with it?  Wo Class, first-rank repairwoman, that's who!  After discovering both her innate magical powers and a motherlode of pre-war works of art depicting the activities of what seems to be a long-lost elite caste of humans known as Mahou Shoujos, her goal in life was forever changed. These Shoujos flew around, had staves, saved the world regularly and looked very cool while doing it!  She was convinced that she could continue on the tradition!  After accepting a quest of world-salvation from some ancestor spirit, who after a few thousand years in slumber was very surprised, confused and distressed to find no humans on Earth anymore, she donned the mantle of Miracle☆Carrier Wo-Chan!  Fighting every day to further the miracle of world peace in this abyssal world!

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

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Source: OC
Name: Raquel Sarto
Age: 16
Appearance: A 4' 11''/150 cm tall girl with short wavy black hair, brownish skin and a fit body. She wears a grey hood that covers her mouth. She also wears a dark jacket that's a bit too big for her and a pair of maroon and black striped pants.

Personality: She is a very self centered girl that's extremely sociable but, at the same time, wary of people. She knows things could go wrong very fast if she's ever caught with her guard down. Her self-serving attitude is only matched by her curiosity and she is always messing around with machines at any opportunity. She has a soft spot for animals, specially her spiders which she treats as her children, and she really likes sewing even if she won't admit it.


  • She's incredible fast and agile, which helps her climb large structures with ease.
  • Raquel can summon a swarm of spiders by creating small portals on any flat surface. The spiders range from being smaller than a thumbnail to being bigger than a hand and can viciously attack with their disproportionate fangs. They can incapacitate Raquel's enemies since she can make them explode in a puff of smoke or make them cover everything near them in a substance similar to spider-silk. She can also see through their eyes.
  • Thanks to the years she has spent breaking into other people's properties, Raquel knows a thing or two about lockpicking and she usually uses her smaller spiders to unlock the mechanism without the need of tools.


  • A small flintlock loaded with ecrixite, an orange and flamable mineral extracted from the realm that can explode and set things on fire when shot. She also has a small sack of ecrixite but it takes her almost a minute to reload her gun.
  • She carries a climbing hook attached to a hemp rope on her back. Really useful for climbing.
  • A pair of magic eyeglasses that Raquel totally didn't steal from Guernica's lab after her disappearance. With them, she can see perfectly fine in low-light-level conditions.
  • A small dagger for self-defense. She's not that good of a fighter, though.

Backstory: Her world is a 17th century Mediterranean inspired setting where summoning magic is commonplace. A lot of people can access this realm by creating small portals (Think smaller than a head) on any flat surface. The majority of people can only summon small inanimate objects, mostly minerals with amazing (some would even say magical) properties like healing wounds, acting as efficient fuel sources and even controlling the weather. Raquel, though, is one of the few that can actually call upon living creatures.

Raquel was born to unknown parents and grew up in an orphanage. She had a fairly pleasant life compared to what other orphans on her city had to go through but she still didn't look forward to a life of domestic work. So, she decided to use her abilities for something that would actually take her out of her poor economic situation and resorted to mugging people. She rationalized her actions by only targetting rich and powerful people. Eventually, she started robbing houses and during this time she became fascinated with a local scientist called Guernica who was the top researcher of the realm. Raquel was specially interested in her since she knew very little about the origin of her skills. They finally met one night after she tried to steal her manor but instead of having her arrested, she saw an opportunity to exploit her abilities and hired her as a security guard. Guernica was paranoid about people stealing her work so this decision made perfect sense in her mind. Under her tutelage, she learned a lot about engineering and her own powers.

Guernica tried to make a stable portal big enough for people to get through in the hopes of making it easier to extract the minerals of the realm and improve people's lives. Unfortunately, her experiment ended up quite literally blowing up in her face and the portal took her and a chunk of her lab before collapsing. Raquel was the only one to witness the accident thanks to her spiders but even when she tried to explain what had happened, everyone assumed the scientist had died. This inspired her to replicate the incident in secret to not only try and save the scientist but also make her wish of giving humans access to the realm a reality.

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A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups Empty Re: A Tale of Destruction and Friendship - Signups

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