A Tale of Destruction and Friendship

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Post by wikkit on 12/3/2017, 12:56 am

Wo & Sabitsuki - Starlit Path!
"Yes! We're going to explore the...uh..."

Even with her hands thrown up in the air, Wo paused before she could finish her sentence with "shit outta this!" It wasn't that everyone around her was kinda young, 'cause it's not like you really get a concept of "young" when everyone's matured by the time they're out of the factory, but just because it's rude to swear in front of strangers.

Shows what happens when you work at a glorified construction site, yeah?

Wo eventually settled with "Explore the path, of course," and triumphantly re-raised her hands. Sabitsuki turned her head to roll her eyes away from the prying eyes - all four of them - of this octo-girl when she spotted a very foreign eel quickly devouring a spider, she decided to look back at Wo. Suddenly, she was very attentive as she nodded. "You know, we should start moving. Now. Go grab the rest of the people and bring them over."

Wo shrugged and stopped her fangirling over a stupid road to head on over and do that, when she stopped to turn back and ask "Aren't you going to come over and help?"

"...It's really tiring to stay like this," Sabitsuki replied, changing back to normal and fake-coughing into her hand. Luckily for her, that fake cough brought on a real fit of wracking coughing, and while she was doubled over our squiddy heroine went on over to help the cause.

"Okay, I can carry all of you if you feel like it, but be my guest to take someone else," she said to the rest of the group, wriggling her great white tentacles in the air for dramatic effect.

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